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Mattress Buying Guides

Mattress Buying Guides

Waking up with aches and pains? Sleeping on a mattress nearly decade old? Getting a better night's sleep at a hotel than in your own bedroom? Whatever your reason, a mattress is one of the few purchases that makes a serious impact while you're both asleep and awake, so let's get down to basics.

Size is Key

The size of your next mattress depends on how much space you have, whether you have a sleeping partner, and how much you're willing to spend.

Innerspring vs Foam 

The materials that make up the inside of your mattress determine the support your body gets throughout your sleep cycle. Whether you prefer traditional innerspring, latex, memory foam, or even a combination of both, you're sure to find the mattress that's perfect for you. 

Pillow-top, Euro Top, Tight Top

Although the first 2 provide extra layers of comfort while you sleep, there is a very distinct difference between them. A pillow-top has visible layers of extra cushion sewn on top of the mattress and a euro top has the extra layers of cushion sewn directly into the mattress. If you prefer sleeping without the extra layers, a standard tight top mattress is for you. Just keep in mind that you will get the same support on all three types, so the decision on which top to choose is based completely on your personal comfort preference.

Firm or Soft

A firm mattress does relieve your body's pressure points and keep your spine aligned, a too firm mattress could be too much of a good thing. A mattress that is to soft will not provide the proper support for your body, and may do more harm than good. The key to this Goldilocks type game is finding the mattress that is just right for you. 


A bed is an important investment in your ability to enjoy life and when you consider that very $1000 you spend represents just 35 cents a night, over 8 years, it is worthwhile choosing in a bed that you can enjoy. 

Ultimately, having the right bed, pillows , protector and duvet will make your dream world complete. 

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