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Your New Mattress

Your New Mattress

When you first sleep on your new mattress, you can expect it to feel different to how the bed felt when you tried in-store.

Beds are just like a pair of shoes - they need to be worn in. The bed you tried in-store has had the chance to be broken in and it will feel softer than your mattress does initially.  


Give it time

It can take several weeks or months for your body to adjust to your new mattress. It is important to remember you may have been sleeping on a mattress that was providing inadequate support, potentially for years. A mattress that support your spine will feel different and it may actually feel uncomfortable at first. Remember this is temporary and your body and mattress will adjust to each other.

Body Impressions

Padding layers on the top of new mattresses usually begin to form to your body immediately. Because of this, you may experience slight body impressions as a result. This is normal and does not reflect a defective mattress. Body impressions can be reduced, but not completely eliminated by following a monthly rotation schedule.

Air out your new mattress

Mattresses are packaged and sealed immediately after the mattress is manufactured, so when the mattress is opened, there could be strong odors. These odors are not harmful and should dissipate within a few days. To help speed up the process, open the windows or place the charcoal deodorizer should help air out the mattress.  

Thicker Mattresses

Modern mattresses that are created today are manufactured to be thicker than those built in the past.  Your older bed sheets may not fit and your bed height is further from the floor than it was before. You may need to invest in some new sheets or adjust your headboard height.

Scuffs, blemishes or loose threads

You may notice there are several scuffs, blemishes or loose threads that are seen. This is normal from the manufacturing of process and doesn't mean that it is damaged. These small complications are very common and don't change the durability, the comfort or the validity of the warranty that comes with the mattress. 

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